methodist circuit

Mission Statement

All that we do in the life of the Circuit will be directed to the following ends:


Will be God centered 

Will be suitable for all ages

Will be appropriate for the size of the congregation

Will embrace the whole of our lives, not just an hour on Sunday

Learning and Caring

We will provide a loving and welcoming environment which is sensitive to the needs of the individual

We will encourage and enable our members to be diligent in prayer and Bible study

We will encourage and enable our members to discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents

We will watch over each other in love and encourage one another to more faithful discipleship

We will show the love of Jesus to others through the things we say and do​


We will be actively involved in our communities and seek to re-establish Christian witness

We will identify needs in our communities and find ways of addressing them

We will be good neighbours

We will challenge injustice and prejudice in our communities and uphold Kingdom values

We will pray for our communities and the wider world


We will help our members to understand their faith better and encourage them to share it with others

We will actively reach out into our communities

We will run events that are attractive and accessible to all people

We will use every means possible to communicate our faith effectively

We will ensure our lives are living witness to our faith