Crosby Garrett United Church

Service Time: 6:30pm

Crosby Garrett is one of two United Churches, of Baptists and Methodists, in our circuit.

Parking: Street Parking

Disabled Access: No

Accessible Toilet: Yes

Hearing Loop: No

Available for Hire: No

Church Built: 1887

Members: 5

Circuit Section: Kirkby

Licensed for Marriages: Yes (+R)

crosby garrett united church

"Crosby Garrett is a small cluster of homes and farms grouped around a beck in a quiet vale"

How to find us

Crosby Garrett

Kirkby Stephen


CA17 4PW


Minister: Rev Stephen Radford

Lay Baptist Pastor: Mr Donald Marston

Church Stewards:

John Tyson

Kenneth & Jean Brunskill


Jean Brunskill


Jean Brunskill

Contact for Notices:

Jean Brunskill

Church Organist:

CD Player

Crosby Garrett United Church

Our churches are not just 'open for worship' on Sundays; we have many other events going on.

Crosby Garrett Church
Crosby Garrett Church
KSAT Methodist Circuit
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palm sunday with donkey
crosby garrett congregation
crosby garrett reverend with donkey