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What is a Circuit?

You may be wondering what a “Circuit” is?


On this page we will explain the structure of the Methodist Church of Great Britain and where our Circuit fits in.


The local church is the place where Methodist members and friends meet together for worship and fellowship on a regular basis.  Church policy is discussed and agreed at the church council meeting, which is convened on a regular basis.


circuit is a group of local churches, served by a team of ministers. The superintendent minister carries overall responsibility for the circuit, including lay and ordained staff, and together with lay and ordained colleagues, facilitates and encourages mission throughout the circuit. Circuit policy is set at the circuit meeting which meets twice a year.


A number of circuits together form a district which is led by a district chair. We are part of the Cumbria Methodist District and our Chair is Rev James Tebbutt. Districts hold a twice yearly synod which sets district policy.


The districts collectively make up the Connexion. The British Methodist Connexion consists of thirty one districts which meet annually at the Methodist Conference.  Conference is the supreme decision making body of the Methodist Church and is presided over by a President and Vice-President.

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