Upper Eden Food Bank

As a consequence of COVID-19, those who rely on extra support to receive essential food and resources may find the next few months particularly challenging. For those with unreliable work or increased childcare commitments, as well as those unable to work and at increased risk because of illness, food and resources will be more challenging to get hold of.

Foodbanks are already beginning to be stretched as a result of the strain on resources. As a result, many UK foodbanks are running low on essential supplies such as long-life milk, cereal and pasta and have seen a fall in donations. As we seek to care for the vulnerable and at risk in our communities, supporting your local foodbank is a practical way to be of help.

How can I donate?

You can make donations in the following places:

  • Appleby Co-Op

  • Kirkby Stephen Co-Op

  • Kirkby Stephen Spar

There are Wheelie Bins outside the Sands Methodist Church in Appleby on:

  • Tuesdays (10-10:30am) and Fridays (11am-12pm).