Thoughts from Caroline S

27th February 2022

What a beautiful day, sun shining and warmer, we have had some terrible rain and wind but as always the Lord shows us his land in full glory.

I have been completing a further education course in SEN (special educational needs), it has been interesting, even if a little challenging at times. Remembering how to write assignments, getting the correct amount of words etc. Hopefully in May I will hear that I have done OK and passed. The Lord was with me and when I struggled with work load he supported me, I thank him for that.

As we now move forward from COVID in hope that normal life can resume, we look back and remember the last two years with all its challenges, and can see some times of sorrow and also times of joy. We have learnt so much and together have come through. The Lord was with us and we thank him for that.

I have written this poem (not that I am a poet) but it is good to challenge ourselves to try new things.

Jesus, Jesus ever near,

Can you hear us when we fear?

Fear of war and hostile strife,

Help us Lord to live life right.

Jesus , Jesus ever near

Let us share your love so dear.

Dear to us and free to all

Help us Lord to love and care.

Jesus, Jesus ever near

Here our prayer for calm to come,

help us show what you can do.

Love to all it comes from you.

Jesus, Jesus ever near,

King of love forever dear.

We know you to save and love

you are father god of all.