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Sacred Space

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Please take a look at some photographs from the “Sacred Space event” held recently

Sacred Space

For three days at the beginning of Lent Sands Methodist Church at Appleby provided the time and space for people to come and reflect quietly on their experience of faith. The eight interactive “stations” and a prayer corner gave the opportunity for us to think individually about how our faith affects both our daily life and our longer-term decisions.

Upwards of sixty people took the opportunity to spend time in the quietness and stillness, reflecting on such issues as where our journey of faith has led us and may be leading us, the needs of the world for healing, our understanding of our own relationship with God, and God’s willingness to work with us through the presence of his spirit in the world.

Beyond the quietness of the worship area there was time and space for refreshment, conversation and fellowship.

The event was organised by the Circuit Spirituality Group who thank all who helped with the setting-up and running of the event, and all at Sands for their support and hospitality.


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