Prayer for Brexit


A massive decision. A referendum choice that will affect our nation for generations to come.

A new direction? New opportunities? A chance for a new outlook?

So many great questions that face us as a nation at the present time as we head towards Brexit.

We believe that the church has, and ought to, play a role in the process. (At the moment we appear to be silent on the issue – in public at least) What greater role could we play in bringing these issues and concerns before the Lord our God.

What if all the men and women of our nation stood momentarily (2 – 5 minutes), ceased from everyday activities (if it was safe and legal to do so) and spent those minutes in supplication to our Heavenly Father on behalf of our nation.

We are aware that at present there is a spirit of “disorder and confusion, of falsehood and self seeking ”abroad in our country.

Lord we would ask that as at the beginning of time your Spirit would brood over the confusion and disorder. That you bring about order and unity from the confusion which is apparent today.

To that end Father we would hold before you all those involved in the decision-making process at this time. Our Prime Minister and ministers, our leading politicians, all involved in the negotiations, business leaders, the media and opinion makers.

Lord we would ask that somehow they may acknowledge a higher authority than our human intellect. We ask that as a body they may “understand the times and know what they should do”.

Father we ask that we may negotiate a fair and agreeable deal.

That as a nation we may return to our Christian heritage, that we as a nation may acknowledge that there are things more important than trade and commerce, that political power, influence and economic strength are not the be all and end all.

That we as individuals and as a nation collectively answer to a higher authority.

Father, we ask that we may seek your guidance and the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

Finally Father we would ask that you would release your Spirit in our land in our day in your way.