An update from NISCU Eden

This week is 'Children's Mental Health Awareness' week across the country. It is right for us to pray for the mental wellbeing of the children and young people we know, but I would also like us to thank God for their resilience and ability to surprise us. The willow twigs in the picture above were cut down several weeks ago, and left by our shed (I think my husband had plans to use them for something). On Saturday I was out in the garden and noticed something on the twigs... sure enough, these stems which have been cut down are, nevertheless, growing again. They had produced catkins despite not being planted (yes, maybe it has been that wet!) and now have been replanted to grow properly again - I look forward to seeing their progress.

As the Psalmist prays, we pray for a restoration of joy in our children, in our schools, in our communities, and spirits willing to regrow and point others to the ultimate Restorer. Wouldn't it be incredible to see communities or people we had thought were broken becoming full of life once again, just like my surprising willow twigs!